Alan Sparhawk (of Low) integrates the line-up for the Misty Fest 2023 edition. After the disappearance of Mimi Parker, victim of illness, in November 2022, the American musician returns to the road with his singular musical vision unchanged.

On this tour, which marks Alan’s first concerts outside his hometown of Duluth since the death of his partner Mimi, the musician is accompanied by a band made up of his son Cyrus Sparhawk (bass), Owen Mahon (drums) and Dave Carroll from Trampled by Turtles (banjo).

Although Mimi Parker is still present in Alan’s mind and heart, the musician sees these concerts as a look to the future, which is why the entire repertoire is made up of new songs.

The guitarist and singer has released a solo guitar album in the past and his vast CV also includes collaborations with many different artists, proof of his versatility on the one hand and the respect he has always received from his peers on the other. And Alan Sparhawk (of Low) has signed such collaborations on discs by people as diverse as Ben Watt (Everything But The Girl) or the Swans, to give just a couple of examples. Now, in 2023, the artist from Duluth, Minnesota, presents a new chapter in his life and career in Portugal, maintaining the same mystique that has always distinguished his band, which has earned the highest praise from specialised critics throughout its existence.