The duo Bandua, which has earned critical attention for the originality of its songs, presents at Misty Fest some unreleased songs and the acclaimed debut album.

Bandua, a duo formed by Tempura the Purple Boy and Edgar Valente, are heading out on the road with a new show. The line-up will feature several unreleased themes, Bandeiras – the theme they took to the Festival da Canção – and songs that are part of the duo’s first album, one of the most critically acclaimed in 2022. The success of that year was reflected in more than 30 concerts and in the presence of their debut album in numerous lists of the best albums of the year.

On that disc, the homonymous Bandua, the duo took the popular songbook of the Beira Baixa region and reinterpreted it in the form of electronic folk, in the style of Berlin downtempo. In turn, Bandeiras expands this imaginary of Portuguese popular music, to add the rhythms of global electronic music, with new influences ranging from breakbeat to dubstep, converging in a style that the duo calls “tugastep”.