Joep Beving, who made his debut last year at Misty Fest with several sold out concerts, will now bring his new work Hermetism, a return to his solo piano origins. This is a double concert, in which the same ticket serves to attend both shows.

Joep Beving returns to his original solo piano with Hermetism, a new tour based on the Dutch composer and pianist’s fourth album for Deutsche Grammophon. For this work, the composer was inspired by Hermetism, a spiritual philosophy that stems from ancient writings attributed to the legendary Greek author Hermes Trismegistus.
Beving, winner of an Edison award, is one of the most listened to living pianists in the world and a champion in the streaming universe; the piece “Sleeping Lotus” alone adds up to more than 60 million plays on Spotify. Hermetism will serve as the basis for a concert of absolute wonder, with a passage through more relevant moments of his previous work equally assured. An absolutely unmissable and certainly historic performance.