Between the rigour of tradition and the energy of the future, Rita Vian will be at Misty Fest to present her modern vision of Portuguese music.

Rita Vian is one of the most solid promises on the contemporary Portuguese music scene. The artist made her formal debut with CAOS’A, which was published by Arraial and produced by Branko. However, there was a previous career that helped her establish her ideas, including Beautify Junkyards, a band she was part of and with which she recorded two albums, and some notable contributions to the work of Mike El Nite or DJ Glue, signs of a creative restlessness that led her to increasingly move closer to the universe of urban and electronic music without ever losing touch with tradition, which can clearly be felt in the fado-like contours of her voice and her interpretive delivery.

In 2020, when she released the clip for the song “purga” (written by João Pedro Moreira), the artist proclaimed her affiliation in an interview with Rimas e Batidas: “But I think above all that there’s a lot of freedom to be celebrated and a lot of will to write differently in Portuguese music at the moment, which is something that inspires me a lot. I think there is more and more will to take risks. Not only in terms of fado, but also the will to sing in Portuguese in other genres, which leaves me with the feeling that there’s a very positive current gaining strength. I think the biggest examples of new fados at the moment are Pedro Mafama and Conan Osiris”.

After having also collaborated with Branko on “Sereia”, the artist formed her vision of modern music, with an electronic temperament, but with a deep Portuguese soul on an EP that earned the highest praise from the national press. At the end of 2021, João Mineiro wrote about his time on the stage of the Tivoli BBVA:
“There are singers who are remarkable performers and who are outstanding by using and paying tribute to other people’s poetic texts. There are also those who write magnificent songs, shining in the generosity with which they offer their words to the voice and interpretation of others. Rita Vian embraces both worlds in a symmetrical and intuitive way, delicately conjugating her authorial, poetic and intimate side, with a sublime interpretation at the time of singing and at the time of meeting the public”.

After having passed through even bigger stages, in festivals like ID_No Limits or Nos Primavera Sound, Rita Vian continues on her quiet, but safe path towards the future, affirming herself as one of our most precious treasures of the present.