Queen of the 2023 edition of FMM Sines, as proclaimed by the daily Público, Rodrigo Cuevas will bring a new show to Misty Fest: La Romería is the title of the new work by the artist from Oviedo, Spain, born in 1985, who presents himself as a source of “folk and electronic agitation, country star, humour, elegant eroticism, hedonism and celebration of non-negotiable rights”. Cuevas is part of a new generation of Spanish artists who are looking to tradition for arguments to present to the future. And it seems that those arguments have the right weight. The author of the show Trópico de Covadonga won the Arcoíris 2022 Prize awarded by the Spanish Ministry of Equality, as well as the Ojo Crítico Prize from the RNE in 2021 and, among several other honours that reflect wide acclaim, the MIN 2020 prize for Breakthrough Artist following his debut album, Manual de Cortejo.

There is new material in this show designed for 2023 and beyond: “Como YÉ?!” or “,Mas Animal” are some of his most recent hits and clear evidence that his original combination of traditional modes and modern production, of humour, irony, eroticism and criticism at the tip of the tongue has guaranteed him a place of growing importance not only in Spain but in the wider Iberian context. Applauding him is important and necessary.
The same ticket gives access to both shows.