Roger Eno is preparing to come to Portugal to present The Turning Year, an album that has just been released on Deutsche Grammophon at Misty Fest.

The British pianist and composer made his debut on the prestigious German label in 2020 with the release of Mixing Colours. This was the first album he recorded in duo with his brother, the also composer and producer Brian Eno, one of the most revered figures in the music world.

The Turning Year accentuates the more pastoral side of Roger Eno’s compositions, showing his particular talent as a melodist. In some of the pieces we can also hear a string quartet, Scoring Berlin, which gives his music an even more magical dimension. And it is this magic that Roger will bring to Portugal for a performance at Misty Fest. Over the years the quality of his compositions has earned him the attention of renowned directors such as David Lynch, who used music created together by Roger and Brian for the soundtrack of Dune. Roger’s pieces have also been used to great effect in films such as 9 and a Half Weeks or Trainspotting. Live, Roger Eno often arranges his atmospheric music to be accompanied by projections and installations that he designs himself and which make the experience of his concerts – which have taken place in venues such as Tate Britain – truly immersive