Wim Mertens returns to Misty Fest with his new work Voice Of The Living, a tribute to all the victims of war, which was commissioned by the Chancellery of the Belgian Prime Minister as part of the commemoration of the Great War (1914 -’18).

Wim Mertens is one of the most emblematic figures of the most advanced contemporary music, an artist with a reference work that spans four decades of intense creativity, a composer with a discography as vast as it is rich, full of prizes, applause, and various distinctions.

Mertens began creating music in 1980, after working as a musicologist and radio producer. For Amusement Only, his first release, is a recording of electronic music that made exclusive use of the sound of pinball machines.

In these 40 years, Mertens has developed a varied musical language, writing for different instrumental ensembles, vocal compositions and even symphonic pieces. Today, his catalogue of recordings includes more than 70 albums.