The composer and pianist Francisco Sassetti presents his debut album with his own compositions. This solo work marks a new stage in his life, of which the connection to the piano has been part for 30 years, showing him also as a composer, opening the doors to a more intimate and secret side of his personality.

“In reality”, says the musician, “most of the themes are already about 10 years old. After my brother passed away in 2012, I started to compose compulsively, almost as if I wanted to continue his work, so tragically left halfway through. It was a form of lamentation and, also, a space of peace and silence. On the other hand, the demanding work as a concert performer and teacher (at the Escola Superior de Música de Lisboa and at the Orquestra Metropolitana, among other institutions) didn’t leave me much time to finish the compositions, which I managed to do”, reveals Francisco.

In fact, it was not only in his inner self that the disappearance of his brother Bernardo Sassetti left a huge void. This feeling of loss helps explain the contemplative and cinematic side of his pieces, very lyrical, which develop in a plot that sounds almost magical and is undoubtedly full of emotion. Themes like “Dawn”, “Home” or “Goodbye” let transpire the emotional weight that is entangled in the melodies that touch us on the deepest side. Sad but never gloomy, introspective and nostalgic, this music also vibrates with life and passion and affirms the name of Francisco Sassetti in the exciting panorama of the neo-classical scene.