After several sold-out concerts, Piano Para Piano is back in Lisbon and will perform for the first time in Porto. This show brings Rodrigo Leão and his daughter Rosa together on stage in a dialogue between two acoustic pianos.

Rodrigo Leão is the first to say that he is not a pianist, but the truth is that the piano has appeared in his work as a complement to the synthesisers that he has used many times to write memorable melodies and to think about the engaging arrangements that he has created with the ensembles he has created. Now, the remarkable Portuguese composer is preparing for a new adventure: Piano Para Piano is a project that was born after a commission from the Piano Festival in Vila Nova de Cerveira, a challenge that led him to compose two new pieces that are also the beginning of a new path.

“I find it interesting”, Rodrigo reveals, “that I, who have no training as a pianist, can establish a dialogue with those who have studied and seriously study the instrument”. In this first moment at the event in Minho, his interlocutor was Rosa, his daughter, who is 19 years old and will also accompany her father in this show. It will be interesting to hear these pieces as I hear them in my imagination. Imagination doesn’t have the same limits as my hands,” explains Rodrigo. “It can go as far as creativity dictates”.

Piano Para Piano is therefore a journey into the marvellous unknown signed by one of the most celebrated Portuguese composers.