“Friends, thank you for your kind words, thoughts, and gifts recently for Mim. Words cannot describe the sublime light that is in every message and gesture. We were hoping she would be healthy enough to do the UK/Europe tour we had planned for November, but it is clear that we should stay home and continue with treatment and care as she is still struggling with ovarian cancer. There have been difficult days but your love has sustained us and will continue to lift us through this time. Our hearts go out immediately to others in similar situations but who don’t have as many people sending such love and healing wishes. Find someone who is alone who needs a chat and give them your time and love. With tears, we say thank you and hope to see you soon.

-Alan from Low”

It is with great sadness that we announce that, due to illness of the group’s drummer and vocalist, Low’s concert at Casa da Música on October 31st has been cancelled. This was a much anticipated show and would have opened this year’s edition of Misty Fest. To Mimi Parker we wish her a good and speedy recovery.

The deadline for refunds is November 21, 2022, so if this is your case, you should go to or contact the place of purchase as soon as possible.

Rita Vian is the last confirmation

Between the rigor of tradition and the energy of the future, Rita Vian will be at Misty Fest to present her modern vision of Portuguese music.

Rita Vian is one of the most solid promises of the contemporary Portuguese music scene. The artist made her formal debut with CAOS’A, an ep that was published by Arraial and is produced by Branko. But there is a previous career that helped her establish her ideas, including Beautify Junkyards, a band she was part of and with which she recorded two albums, and some notable participations in the work of Mike El Nite or DJ Glue, signs of a creative restlessness that led her to get closer and closer to the universe of urban and electronic music, while keeping one foot closer to tradition, which can be clearly felt in the fadist outlines of her voice and in her interpretive delivery.

In 2020, when she released the clip for the song “purga” (written by João Pedro Moreira), the artist proclaimed her affiliation in an interview with Rimas e Batidas: “But I think above all that there is a lot of freedom to be celebrated and a lot of will to write differently in Portuguese music right now, which is something that inspires me a lot. I think there is more and more will to take risks. Not only in terms of fado, but also the willingness to sing in Portuguese in other genres, which leaves me with the feeling that there is a very positive current gaining strength. I think the biggest examples of new fados right now are Pedro Mafama and Conan Osiris.

After having also collaborated with Branko on “Sereia”, the artist formed her vision of a modern music, with an electronic temperament, but with a deep Portuguese soul in an EP that received the highest praise from the national press in general. At the end of 2021, João Mineiro wrote about his passage through the Tivoli BBVA stage:

“There are singers who are remarkable interpreters and who excel by using and paying homage to other people’s poetic texts. There are also those who write magnificent songs, shining in the generosity with which they offer their words to the voice and interpretation of others. Rita Vian embraces both worlds in a symmetrical and intuitive way, delicately conjugating her authorial, poetic and intimate side, with a sublime interpretation at the time of singing and at the time of meeting the public”.

After having passed through even bigger stages, in festivals such as ID_No Limits or Nos Primavera Sound, Rita Vian continues on her quiet, but safe path towards the future, affirming herself as one of our most precious treasures of the present.

Lisa Gerrard and Jules Maxwell from Dead Can Dance, premier BURN tour in Portugal

In November 2022, Dead Can Dance’s Lisa Gerrard and Jules Maxwell will present their acclaimed album Burn live for the first time. All seven shows will take place in Portugal.

Lisa Gerrard began working with Jules Maxwell in 2012 on the Dead Can Dance Anastasis world tour and their writing collaborations have also featured in the work of Le Mystère des Voix Bulgares and Joachim Witt. The album Burn was produced by James Chapman (who has already been nominated for the prestigious Mercury Prize) and released by Atlantic Curve in May 2021. It includes seven emotionally resonant compositions that intersect drama, dynamics, lush electronic textures and rhythm in a sumptuous whole.

Lisa Gerrard is an inescapable name on the more challenging side of contemporary music, but also the subject of popular devotion thanks, for example, to her participation in works such as the Gladiator soundtrack: her collaboration with Hans Zimmer earned her a Golden Globe. For his part, Jules Maxwell, who provides the keyboards in Dead Can Dance, has an extensive musical background, composing regularly for theater, including for the Shakespeare Globe Company in London.

“Gerrard’s voice is as powerful and seductively ethereal as it has ever been…. Burn is as essential as anything in Gerrard’s unique songbook,” wrote theMusic.com.au

“We are both delighted to have this opportunity to finally perform Burn’s pieces live,” say Maxwell and Gerrard. “Our goal is to use these performances as a springboard to further explore musical ideas. Rather than merely replicating the album, what excites us is to see where we can take the music in a live setting.” The shows will incorporate the seven stunning films by David Daniels, Jacob Chelkowski and Michal Sosna that were commissioned to accompany the album, and will also include excerpts from Jules Maxwell’s solo ambient albums Nocturnes and Cycles to open the evening.

Christian Löffler & Detect Ensemble Live And Joep Beving in double concert

Two new confirmations for Misty Fest with two highly anticipated returns to our country. After having filled the Capitol last Friday, German Christian Löffler returns to our country, this time accompanied by a string ensemble, to present his new show Parallels.

Joep Beving, who made his debut last year at Misty Fest with several sold out concerts, brings with him his new work Hermetism, a return to his solo piano origins. This is a double concert, in which the same ticket serves to attend both shows.

Paralells Tour

Christian Löffler is accompanied by a string quartet to present Parallels: Shellac Reworks, his latest work published by the prestigious Deutsche Grammophon, in which he reinterprets some of the world’s greatest classical composers in their own soundscapes; for example, J.S. Bach, Beethoven, Chopin, Wagner, Smetana and Bizet.

In this Parellels tour, past and present collide on stage through the live mixing of a string quartet with Löffler’s own electronic productions. The music is also accompanied by visuals and light design made especially for the tour, in a mesmerizing and immersive audiovisual experience.


Joep Beving returns to his original solo piano recording with Hermetism, a new tour based on the Dutch composer and pianist’s fourth album for Deutsche Grammophon. For this work, the composer was inspired by Hermetism, a spiritual philosophy that stems from ancient writings attributed to the legendary Greek author Hermes Trismegistus.

Beving, winner of an Edison Award, is one of the most listened-to pianists in the world, and a champion in the streaming universe; his piece “Sleeping Lotus” alone has more than 40 million plays on Spotify. Hermetism will serve as the basis for a concert of absolute wonder, with passage through more relevant moments of his previous work equally assured. An absolutely unmissable and certainly historic performance.

Roger Eno confirmaded in Lisboa and Espinho

Roger Eno is preparing to come to Portugal to present, at Misty Fest, The Turning Year, an album that has just been released on Deutsche Grammophon.

The British pianist and composer debuted on the prestigious German label in 2020 with the release of Mixing Colours. This was the first album he recorded as a duo with his brother, fellow composer and producer Brian Eno, one of the most revered figures in the music world.

The Turning Year accentuates the more pastoral side of Roger Eno’s compositions, showing off his particular talent as a melodist. Some of the pieces also feature a string quartet, Scoring Berlin, which gives his music an even more magical dimension. And it will be this magic that Roger will bring to Portugal for a performance at Misty Fest. Throughout the years, the quality of his compositions has earned him the attention of renowned directors such as David Lynch, who used music Roger and Brian created together for the soundtrack of Dune. Roger’s pieces have also been used to great effect in films like 9 1/2 Weeks or Trainspotting. Live, Roger Eno usually makes his very atmospheric music be accompanied by projections and installations that he designs himself and that make the experience of his concerts – which have taken place in venues such as the renowned Tate Britain – truly immersive.

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